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ARTLEX INVESTMENT Ltd. in Warsaw, is a Consulting Company which is honored to present economic, investment and real estate services to our Customers. Due to the fact that our Company has a twenty-six year's long experience on the market, We are capable of assisting our Clients with an extensive aid in such fields as: restructuring, liquidation and transformation of trading companies as well as civil ones, not to mention the investing companies with a foreign capital. Our successes are the corollary of our dedication to the work, composite and professional attendance of a highly qualified personnel, who are even more capable of capturing the trust and reliance of the ever growing number of our Clients. What is more, the Company is additionally employing lawyers, solicitors and economists who exhibit extensive experience in dealing with intricacies concerning economic and banking laws in Poland. ARTLEX INVESTMENT, Ltd., can pride itself on such notable accomplishments as restructuring of government companies (additionally, normal and production oriented co-operatives) and privatization of governmental companies. What is more, the Company assists also in the processes of liquidation of such enterprises as government companies, co-opts and partnerships. ARTLEX INVESTEMENT, apart from economic Counseling, has likewise in its offer legal counseling in matters of a Real Estate Agency and Real Estate transactions - such as mediation between the sides of the contract in such activities as buying, selling, renting or letting properties, economic assessment of properties as well as full legal and financial service of the Clients. Perennial experience on realty market as well as versatile knowledge of this market and its laws provide the necessary rudiments for cooperation with serious contractors aiming at engagements in this particular section of the market. Our activities as a Real Estate Agency guarantee credibility of each and every transaction which is endorsed by our Agency. All the transactions are concurrent with contemporary laws and regulations of the Polish Real Estate law. In order to complete and extend our offer we additionally signed a number of suitable deals with Polish banks in order to facilitate our clients the possibility of obtaining of a quick credits for the purchase of a particular property in our Real Estate Agency.

The main fields of activity of Our Real Estate Agency in ARTLEX INVESTMENT, Ltd., are:
- brokerage and circulation of realties in the primary and secondary market (buying, selling, renting and letting of properties)
- legal and financial services connected with realties
- counseling and providing legal and financial service for large companies
- economic assessment of properties
- sale of houses, apartments etc. through bank loans (in installments)
- trading analyses

Our Agency is characterized by its flexibility, versatility and complexity of services rendered.
Moreover, in our offer we posses properties in all sections and varieties of the market, i.e. houses, apartments, plots, offices, storehouses, etc.
The aim of Our Agency is to launch more departments in the territory of Poland. At present our main office is located in Warsaw, in Chmielna Street no. 73a. Another branch of Our Company is established in Zalesie Górne, anteroom to the Train Station.
In the near future we are planning to open more branches of the Company in the cities of Kielce and Gdańsk. We invite You to acquaint Yourself with the present-day offer of ARTLEX INVESTEMTNT.

Warszawa, Grójecka Street 22/24 Room 5, tel./fax (+48 0-22) 654 26 82/85


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Kancelaria "ARTLEX-INVESTMENT" Sp. z o.o., 02-301 Warszawa, ul. Grójecka 22/24, lok. 5
tel./fax: (+48 22) 654 26 82 do 85,, e-mail:
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